My interest in sound and its effects on the body grew extensively in the past years. As a dancer I was thirsty for music that made me move. Then I found a sound that made me still and a whole new world of possibilities opened up!

Sound Bath 
Sound has been used by ancient sages and healers since many centuries to achieve deep states of meditation. A safe and effective tool to activate the body‘s innate ability to heal.

Body Mind Tuning
These multifunctional acoustic instruments have a wide range of uses in science, music, therapy and more. Vibrational medicine that balances the physical, emotional and psychological as it re-energizes the entire system.


An intercultural trio that weaves an immersive sensory experience by combining the soothing melodies of the classical cello, the contemporary and psychedelic sound sculptures of the effected and processed electric guitar and the grounding frequencies of the gong and singing bowls.