I am a Berlin based artist and facilitator working with dance, yoga and sound. I believe that to be mindfully present in the body and playfully exploring its mechanics, is one the best gifts one can give to themselves.

During high school I was already working part-time as a professional in dancer companies such as SDIPA and LVDS. After which I completed my diploma in movement arts from Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in 2011. I trained in kalaripayattu , bharatanatayam, ballet, yoga and various contemporary dance techniques like release, flying low and contact improvisation. 
My interests in Improvisation and instant composition kept me obsessed for the next years. 
As a core member of “The Kha Foundation” I offered creative arts education in various schools, children’s homes and juvenile detention centers between 2012 and 2015.

2015-2016 I was part of the art collective “Copenhagen dream house” in Denmark and co created several performances, collaborating with circus artists, world musicians and climate activists.
During this period I was also freelancing and teaching in various schools and studios. After having done a performance in Vestjyllands højeskole(an experimental school for adults) I was Invited to teach there. I stayed there both as a student and a guest teacher until 2017. My inspiration and interest grew in the new ways of teaching and the education system they created there.

I moved to Auroville(India) in 2017 to live and experience a community life. I worked in farming, reforestation, sustainable architecture and event management. During this period I also taught dance and yoga in schools, studios and community gatherings. I also worked with the institute Svaram-sound experience. Where I was first introduced to the healing effects of sound.

Though I consider myself an artist, the quest has always been a spiritual one. Movement was always been a form of meditation.

I got completely mesmerized by the sound of a gong. I remember how it allowed me to easily let go of the physical and float into a world of sound and vibration. I learned from world renowned teachers like Sanj Hall, Aurelio C.Hammer and in 2019 I got certified as a gong master. 

Since 2020 I’ve been living in Berlin. Get in touch if you’d like to experience my work!