A Body Mind Tuning session can help to balance the nervous system and make you feel calm, grounded and relaxed. One is able to manage emotional blocks, experience focus, boost creativity and alleviate physical pain and a lot more!

What happens in a Body Mind Tuning session?

You are asked to lie on a table and relax. The practitioner strikes a tuning fork and passes it along various parts of the body. Sound waves travel deep into the body and serve as a gentle massage to the cells.

Weighted Tuning forks are used on the body in particular acupressure points. They vibrate at a lower frequency and transmit sound through the bones over the reflexology points of the hands and feet.

They are also used on meridian points and reflex points such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip, knees. The vibrations increase the flow of blood and lymph to the muscles and tendons, stimulating collagen and enhancing healing.

A session lasts for about an hour. I offer them at my therapy room in Wei├čensee and I am also available to deliver the session at your home. As it can be more convenient to rest in your private space and not have to travel through the city after receiving a tuning. Get in touch if you would like to book your spot!